Available for multiple browsers and Android platform

High interactivity

All processes are based on research and are in continuous improvement

Open source

Large community of teachers, students and developers on its platform

Everything was built to be simple and useful for you

The Openredu wants to be the major reference in educational platform

  • Cloud computing environment
  • Social media integrated
  • Collaborative learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Open Educational Resource
  • Hundreds of Educational Resources
  • API available

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They are teachers, students, engineers and companies

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Hello teachers! Welcome, this area is dedicated to you.

Initial training for use of the platform is very practical. Since the first experience to begin to collaborate and define materials, learning to use Openredu occurs in 25 minutes! The interfaces of Openredu are designed to avoid difficulties related to the use of the platform, also seeking motivation and satisfaction in continuous use. How much more you use, more interested and excited about the environment you will be! Read more

Hello, developers.

We are very happy to receive your visit to the Openredu world. If you are interested in contributing effectively to the code Openredu, this is right place to exchange information and know how to start. Here you will find the information you need to know our tool, learn new (or our) technologies, overcome challenges and build together the Openredu. Read more

In this area we organize the different versions of the guide recommendation used to create the Openredu screens. Each set is assigned a number and a description of what was built.Read more

An instance of the Openredu learning environment is maintained by supporters. It is available in this site. It may be used freely and free for students and teachers in public educational institutions. If you are a manager or a teacher of public institution and wish to use the Openredu at their institution… Read more

We organize materials that guide companies to provide services based on Openredu. Services can be deployment and customization of the platform. They can still be teacher training. All content on this site is designed to be simple ownership of Openredu for companies wishing to benefit. Read more

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